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Biz Jets - Cessna - Mustang

One of a new breed of VLJ (Very Light Jets), the new Cessna Mustang is aptly named. Whether it brings to mind an image of the classic 1965 Ford auto or the wild horse of Montana, this plane is as free-spirited an individualist as the innovators who created it. Already well-respected for their line of Citation business jets, Cessna is about to increase its reputation for fine flying machines. The... [Continue Reading]

BizJets - Cessna - Citation

Cessna Aircraft company began in 1927. After producing the first cantilever wing design, they went on to a steady stream of commercial success driven by innovation. That tradition continues up to the present day as a subsidiary of Textron, owners of Bell Helicopter. Though the early years through the mid-1960s were driven largely by their small two-four seaters, they branched out to become one of... [Continue Reading]