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    Private Jet Guide

    Air Taxis At Your Doorstep
    You may not find a business jet in your driveway in the next few years, but how far away is the nearest small airport? If you're like many around the country, the answer is: fewer than 20 miles.

    Boeing, Master of the Trade
    The name Boeing is, of course, well known to air travelers. Boeing and Airbus between them dominate commercial aircraft.

    Bombardier, Nothing Like Its Name
    The name Bombardier brings to mind images of WWII pilots dropping bombs on Europe. Nothing could be further from reality for this Canadian builder of business jets.

    BizJets - Cessna - Citation
    Cessna Aircraft company began in 1927. After producing the first cantilever wing design, they went on to a steady stream of commercial success driven by innovation.

    Biz Jets - Cessna - Mustang
    One of a new breed of VLJ (Very Light Jets), the new Cessna Mustang is aptly named.

    Eclipse, Jetting to Stardom
    Individuals involved in the aviation business are a terrific combination of romantic adventurer and practical businessperson.

    Private Jets As Flying Offices
    The U.S. President and Air Force One may be the most well-known example of using a jet as a flying office. Nevertheless, there are thousands of others around the world who find this an efficient and cost-effective way to do business.

    Business Jet - Fractional Ownership
    Some of the things that have kept business jet use from reaching its full potential have nothing to do with technology or regulations.

    Lear, The Gold Standard
    The name 'Lear' in business jet aviation rightly brings associations of innovation, elegance and sheer chutzpah. For, the fact is, Bill Lear started it all.

    Supersonic, The Future of Business Jets
    It's been several years now since the Concorde ceased making flights between New York and London or Paris. But the demand for rapid long-range travel has never cooled.

    The History of Business Jets
    The waning years of WWII saw the introduction of the first jet fighter planes. Though the popular image is that Germany was the first to develop them, British pioneer Frank Whittle had drawing board designs of a jet plane as early as the mid-1930s.

    What's Happening With Business Jets?
    Air travelers, whether they know it or not, are used to flying in aircraft that are often 30 years old or older. Many commercial jets in use were manufactured in that era.

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